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P+S Polyurethan Elastomere GmbH & Co. KG

Kielweg 17
49356 Diepholz (Niedersachsen)
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Specialist for the development and production of moulded parts made of compact or cellular polyurethane elastomers. High-performance partner for companies from various sectors of industry, from machine constructing industrie to printing technologies.

The history of our company dates back 1972. In those days the main focus of our activities was in the production of thermoplastic injection moulded parts and polyurethane foam elements. Shortly afterwards, we started a pilot plant for the manufacture of constructional elements made of cellular and solid polyurethane elastomers for high stress applications. It turned out to be a very decisive step towards the future and was a significant influence on the company’s strategic development over the coming years.


  • Vulkollan®
  • Diepothan®
  • Vulkocell®
  • Diepocell®
  • Diepolast®

The five innovative polyurethane elastomers manufactured at our company enable us to promptly provide quality solutions for many applications.




Due to the special material properties, moulded parts made of Vulkollan, Diepothan, Vulkocell and Diepocell are used in a wide range of applications. We see individual customer requirements as a challenge and support our customers with our many years of experience and knowledge of materials in the development of an optimal solution.



  • Elevator technology
  • Rail vehicle technology
  • Agricultural industry
  • Vehicle technology
  • Paper and printing technology
  • Cardboard and packaging systems
  • Pipeline service
  • Crane technology
  • Municipal service
  • Machine constructing
  • Transport- conveying technology
  • Vibration technology


Materials made of polyurethane provide state-of-the-art solutions for numerous industry branches and play an indispensable role in the global economic life of the twenty-first century. On all continents there is an increasing demand for our high performance, maintenance-free PU components which are required to master more and more complex challenges.

We that this gives you an introduction to some of the most important fields of application for our PUR solutions. We will be delighted to inform you in detail about how you can take advantage of our high performance materials.




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P+S Polyurethan Elastomere GmbH & Co. KG
Kielweg 17
49356 Diepholz (Niedersachsen)

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