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We realize solutions in the field of sensor technology, resistance technology, joysticks and pressure sensors and are curious for new technologies and applications.

Our strength, application-related development, combining the 3 major capabilities needed for a complete sensor-system: sensor element – engineered packaging – signal transportation enables our business partners to find the optimal solutions and benefits.

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At two locations, in Europe and Asia, we develop, and manufacture cost-optimized potentiometers, angles and transducers based on wire and thick-film technology. Contactless sensors for the precise measurement of angle and path are also part of our product range. The production is under Industrial, Automotive or Aerospace/ Aviation standards as required.


Smarter Sensing & Controls
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Manufacturer of a wide range of sensors for measuring angle and displacement, speed, temperature and pressure. These include potentiometers (variable resistors) with conductive plastic and wire wound technology, as well as LVDTs (Linear Variable Differential Transducers), or contactless sensors based on Hall and Giant Magneto Resistance (GMR), Anisotropic Magneto Resistance (AMR) technologies. We offer solutions in various designs, housings, different axis variants, including hollow shaft solutions and different degrees of protection, IP54, IP64, IP65, IP67, IP68, IP69. Also, in our joysticks these different technologies are used.

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We distinguish ourselves by proactive engagement with a large number of customers, with applications in the industry, automation, automotive, electric vehicle, agricultural and construction machinery, medical technology, metrology, wind and solar energy, and aerospace industries and we have a wealth of application knowledge.

With more than... 20 years of experience and a broad product portfolio, Resenso is a strong and preferred partner in the European and global marketplace

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Resenso AG 3232 Ins  Potentiometers,  Resistors,  Joy-Sticks,  Foilsensors und  Linear Transducers

Resenso AG
Bahnhofstrasse 87
3232 Ins (Bern)

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