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Volpi AG

Wiesenstrasse 33
8952 Schlieren (Zürich)
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Light. Insight. Life.

We create healthcare impact through enabling light-created insights. To In Vitro Diagnostics and Life Sciences instrument manufacturers seeking to improve healthcare outcomes, Volpi is the optoelectronics innovator that enables leaps in measurement accuracy through its proven performance, individualized approach, and enabling solutions.



  • Clinical Laboratory IVD Applications
  • Point-of-Care IVD Applications
  • Life Sciences Applications

Photonic module solutions advancing health. Specialized in In Vitro Diagnostics and Life Sciences applications.

Clinical Laboratory IVD Applications
Data from Clinical Labs are the fuel for healthcare insights. Physicians rely on precise, reliable output and fast availability of results. This, in combination with decreasing reimbursement, calls for medium to high sample throughput and low cost per test in clinical settings. Innovative, yet proven technologies, are key to optimizing measurement times, increasing the degree of multiplexing, and to maximizing instrument utilization.

- Clinical Chemistry
- Molecular Diagnostics
- Immunochemistry
- Microbiology



  • Consulting
  • Design and Development
  • Industrialization
  • Manufacturing
  • Life Cycle Management

Trusted global partner for customer specific optoelectronic measurement modules in IVD and Life Sciences. Seamless performance, modules enabling insight through light, from consulting and pre-development through to development, manufacturing and life-cycle management.


Case Studies

  • Testimonials

Leading In Vitro Diagnostics and Life Sciences research companies are partnering with Volpi.

- 6-Color qPCR Measurement Module for POC Molecular Diagnostics
- All LED Digital Reflectometer for Clinical Chemistry
- 5-Color qPCR Measurement Module
- Thermal Cycler Module for qPCR Molecular Diagnostics
- LED/Halogen Hybrid Measurement Module for Clinical Chemistry
- Automated Fluorescence Microscope for Next Generation Sequencing



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Volpi AG
Wiesenstrasse 33
8952 Schlieren (Zürich)

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