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32105 Bad Salzuflen (Nordrhein-Westfalen)

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Our traditional business was founded in 1932 in the Ruhrgebiet in Germany and was one of the first companies to develop and manufacture knee-protectors.
As a responsible distributor of professional knee-protection in mining applications, we helped to develop the Mining Standard DIN 23311 in cooperation with the Standard Committee Mining in 1953. Accordingly, optimal protection for the user as well the high quality standard for knee-protectors were set in stone for us.

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Naturally the requirements of the new European standard DIN EN 14404 from the year 2005 have been accounted for, while preserving the old quality standards. With the registered trademark WohltatTM, our products still stand for high quality and robust knee-protectors for a spectrum of different users, which has grown wider over the decades.


Our knee protection assortment
Knee protection from Nierhaus – for an easy overview you can sort by the following categories:

  • Do-It-Yourselfer
  • Elbowprotectors and back support belts
  • Floor layers
  • Gardeners and landscapegardeners
  • Knee cushions, Honey-comb cushion
  • Mining
  • Paviour, roadmakers and canalworkers
  • Shipbuilding
  • Tilers and pavement-layers
  • Tilers, slaters, painters, carpenters, interial decoraters
  • Welders
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They provide effective and durable protection for the knees in all types of kneeling work. What began with the production of knee-protectors for mining applications, today represents a business which develops and produces knee-protectors for protection and safety in all manual labour.

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Why kneepads? Safety for all occupation

Knee pads decrease the risk of injuries by knee bruises, haematomas and abrasions considerable.On a long term basis they protect the workers knees from chronically diseases and signs of wear and tear that can cause incapacity to follow one´s profession. A perfectly manufactured and especially for each branche developed knee pad increase workers efficiency by allowing to work kneeling comfortable and painless.Workers often prefer to squat down than to work in a kneeling position. But from the medical point of view this is no alternative to a knee protection because of the overstretching of the ligament. 

The supporting surface and the soft embedding of the knee allocate the pressure regularly to knee cap and knee joint. This means a decreased risk of ruining the knee. 

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Nierhaus GmbH 32105 Bad Salzuflen  Knieschutz,  Kniepolster,  Knieschoner,  Kniekissen und  Knieschoner-Arbeit

Nierhaus GmbH
Herforder Straße 145
32105 Bad Salzuflen (Nordrhein-Westfalen)

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