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J.D. Neuhaus is the world's leading manufacturer of pneumatic and hydraulic hoists, crane systems and system solutions. Our products are engineered for extremes. J.D. Neuhaus is active worldwide. World market leader for hydraulic and pneumatic hoists and crane systems, with 80 percent of products exported to over 90 countries worldwide.


  • Cranes
    - Cranes & Kits
    - C rail & Light crane systems
  • Hoists and Trolleys
    - Air Hoists PROFI
    - Air Hoists Mini
    - Air Hoists M Series
    - Trolleys
    - Low Headroom Trolleys
    - Big Bag Handling Air Hoists
    - Hydraulic Hoists PROFI
    - Subsea Hoists
    - Cryogenic Hoists
  • Monorail Hoists
    - Monorail Air Hoists
    - Hydraulic Monorail Hoists
    - Ultra-Low Monorail Hoists

Explosion-protected JDN Crane Systems are the right choice for the most challenging environmental conditions, whether onshore or offshore.

The delivery programme comprises explosion-proof

- overhead travelling cranes
- suspension cranes as well as
- slewing cranes

which can be adapted to your individual demands as complete special installations are our speciality.

According to necessities JDN hoists in motor trolleys or monorail systems are integrated in the crane installation. A comfortable and user-friendly pneumatic speed control is also available as for example the standard two speed control for crane and trolley drive.

J.D. Neuhaus is guided by precisely one idea: Our family, our company, our brand. The idea was created by the company’s founder in 1745, Johann Diederich Conrad Neuhaus, and resulted in his entry as “Fabrickant”, a manufacturer, in the “Sprockhövelsche Fabrickenbuch” company register.



Tradition & Innovation
Long before the French Revolution broke out in France, the blacksmith's shop of Johann Diederich Neuhaus produced the first solutions for moving loads. Today his descendants are world leaders.

J.D. Neuhaus is unique in the world of hoisting technology. It is a stable, mid-sized company. A family owned company that has maintained its independence for over 270 years. We are honourable merchants, we know our roots, and we preserve our values. We have a social responsibility. Are we old-fashioned? Certainly not!

If a mechanical engineering company like J.D. Neuhaus can endure the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries with a supporting idea rising up in the 21st century to become the world’s market leader, this means more than just a success story from a blacksmith to the Industrial Revolution and Industry 4.0. This is a story of continuous innovation.




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Windenstraße 2-4
Witten (Nordrhein-Westfalen)

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