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BERO Technik AG

Im Ebnet 2
8370 Sirnach (Thurgau)
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BERO Technique was founded 1996 and moved the complete Company at Nov 2013 in a new and grater Building.
Our team consists of highly qualified personnel with long time experience in the construction of special vessels and plant installations.
We are specialized in the fabrication of high quality plant industrial equipment, vessels, exchangers made in stainless steel, and light alloy metal construction used in the chemical-, cryogenic- and petrochemical plants, food and pharmaceutical industries.
Cryogenics BERO Technik AG 8370 Sirnach Schweiz
  • Cryogenics

Module-piping BERO Technik AG 8370 Sirnach Schweiz

Heating Exchanger BERO Technik AG 8370 Sirnach Schweiz

The components for cryogenic and refrigerator plants are fabricated according to customer specific engineering.The plant piping and components are constructed for fluids like helium or hydrogen. Due to this the demand of a high quality standard and management is mandatory for the welding technique, conducting- connection of piping and the installation. For the cryogenic plants we are fabricating vessels, heat exchangers, piping at the in- and outside of cold boxes, instrumentation piping and connection to process controllers.
Bero Technik is responsible for fabrication, installation, quality requirements and the specified acceptation authorities.

  • Module-piping

Pressure Vessel BERO Technik AG 8370 Sirnach Schweiz

Vacuumtechnic BERO Technik AG 8370 Sirnach Schweiz

For the complicated pipe distribution systemsused in the manufacturing of display chip technique. We can offer the best solutions due to, ourexperiences in the assembling of piping and fittingcomponnents.
Bero Technique has an unique position due to the basic knowledge in engineering, procurement of the fittings and selection of material.



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BERO Technik AG
Im Ebnet 2
8370 Sirnach (Thurgau)

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